StartUp Valley News: Employing a self-driven multicultural team

CEO Herbert ten Have answers questions about Fizyr, the company’s vision, overcoming challenges, and the journey from a startup to a successful scaleup.

Employing a self-driven multicultural team would expose the organization to various perspectives, experiences, and creative avenues. I believe if a company invests in its human resources, it can be relatively prepared to tackle any challenges that come their way.

~ Herbert ten Have, CEO of Fizyr

robot picking a cardboard boxLINK Magazine: Booming business in de logistieke wereld
Herbert ten Have and Sjoerd Bos outside RoboValley. Image credits-Fred LeeflangDe Ondernemer: Delftse pionier lanceert robot die orders pickt én verpakt. 'We zitten met de groten der aarde aan tafel'

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