Enabling robots to pick unknown objects from bulk

Computer vision software for automated picking

Fizyr is specialized in segmenting, classifying, doing quality control and finding the best grasp poses for picking unknown items that vary in shape, size, color, stacking, etc. Thanks to our deep learning algorithms, robots are able to pick any object from bulk for e-commerce, warehouses, logistics and more.

Picking of unknown objects at Automatica 2018

Plug-and-play software product for various industries

Multiple system integrators and e-fulfilment providers have trusted Fizyr’s software in online retail, warehouse automation and parcel handling services.

It is highly successful in various conditions and allows sensors to deal with:

  • Closely stacked or overlapping objects
  • Highly reflective items and apparel in poly-bags
  • White-on-white / Black-on-black flats
  • Transparent objects

For an extensive list of more objects Fizyr algorithms can detect, visit our solution page.

Our solution

Successfully applied in multiple picking applications 

Fizyr algorithms integrate with any system and allow robots to cope with extreme variation in applications, such as:

  • Piece / Order picking
  • Unstructured picking
  • Apparel/fashion picking
  • Low volume – High mix picking
  • Random bin picking, and more.

By being hardware agnostic, Fizyr software is widely used in many different industries, including e-commerce, micro-fulfilment, retail, food, manufacturing, farm picking, kitting, etc.

Detection list including:
Boxes Towels Accessories Free-hanging straps 
Cardboard boxes/bags Deformable objects  Groceries Loose plastic 
Satchels Transparent objects  Bags of milk powder  Damaged goods (incl. gradation) 
White-on-white / Black-on-black  Reflective packaging  Cosmetics, health and beauty products  Dangerous goods (ex. flammables) 
Tubes / Cylinders  Clothing in polybags  Closely stacked objects  Fragile items 
Apparel/Garments/Textiles Electronics Overlapping objects  Loose load

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