Accurate placement of unknown parcels in unknown environments 

Trained and proven for eCommerce and groceries

Trained with a unique dataset of more than 1.5 million images of real-life logistics environments, Fizyr’s algorithms enable robots to deal with high variation, not only in picking, but also in placement applications.

Our vision software product ensures high performance for robotic picking cells in cases, such as:

  • item / order picking (ex. accurate placement)
  • depalletizing / truck unloading (ex. aligning parcels/bags to conveyors)
  • parcel handling (ex. accurate (inclined) placement of unknown objects to feed a sorter)
Automated picking and placing of parcels
  • Determining placement poses: Stacking algorithm to propose the next placement based on various parameters.
  • Place verification: Determining where and how an item has been placed and what its shape is .

What makes Fizyr the right partner?

Global leader

We have built the best vision software, installed globally in many harsh logistics environments. We are strategic partners to multiple system integrators worldwide.

Modular software

Our Plug-and-Play product allows for both fast and easy integration. System integrators use our software as a module, optimizing for cost, robustness, and speed.

Flexible configuration

Our software is hardware agnostic, fitting well with any camera, robot, gripper, and PC. We are independent, there is no vendor lock-in and our clients are always in control.

Transparent and reliable

We help with system set up and support our clients during deployment. We have easy-to-understand specialized agreements, terms and conditions, and ensure operation continuation in case something happens with us (escrow).

Long-term commitment

We believe our clients should always be in control. We share our knowledge and expertise, and we aim for strong partnerships that result in building optimized picking cells. We all win together.

Passionate team

Fizyr has a dynamic, international team with a growth mindset, always applying the newest technologies. We get our energy from helping our clients succeed and we are driven to remain the best.

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