Internship Experience at Fizyr: B2B Marketing in the logistics automation industry

Manon Gargat - Marketing Internship at Fizyr

Manon Gargat worked as Fizyr’s Global Marketing intern during the first half of 2021. Before starting her next career step, she expressed her gratitude for her internship experience in Fizyr, which she felt was worth sharing with the rest of the world. Here is her experience.

The inspiration

“As part of my master’s degree in International Business at IAE Savoie Mont Blanc University in France, I had the great chance to complete a 6-month internship at Fizyr. I took part in the company’s projects as a Global Marketing Intern, from January 2021 to June 2021. Fizyr is a high-tech scale up headquartered in Delft, Netherlands.

Since automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are expanding very fast in logistics and supply chains all over the world, the robotic industry is considered as one of the most fast-growing sectors. The Covid-19 pandemic led many firms to deploy automated processes to reduce workplace density and cope with surges in demand.

I particularly wished to intern in this sector to learn more about automation in the logistics industry. In addition, I recently got fascinated in robotic technologies and took a deep interest in it. Understanding such a promising market sector drives my motivation and commitment. Learning more about it and being involved in Fizyr’s international projects was a great opportunity for me to develop my knowledge and skills in this fast-paced environment.

The goal of this professional experience was to collaborate on marketing strategy and sales channels to further grow Fizyr in a rapidly growing market. My personal objective was to develop significant abilities in a B2B marketing environment and expand my knowledge about the robotics and AI global market. I discovered a very wide industry, brimming with tons of impressive new technologies applied to factories.”

Virtual onboarding

“Due to Covid, I started my internship online, from France. Joining a team virtually was a bit of a challenge, but overall, my onboarding process went very smoothly. The human-sized commercial team holds remote meetings every morning, which made it easier for me to get to know everyone. My supervisor provided me with a proper overview of the organization and the department, as well as clear instructions and expectations. The whole team was always happy to help, give guidance, and available for a call whenever I needed. Later, I was able to move to the Netherlands to meet my colleagues and go to the office from time to time.

What made this remote work enjoyable was mainly the transparency and flexibility from my coworkers, their open-mindedness, and their valuable feedback on my ideas.”

The Overall Experience

“Since Fizyr is a scale-up, a lot of tasks are to be taken on. The structure is quite flat, and the management team is very open. Interns are treated like regular associates and get to work on meaningful tasks for the company. I was free to set my priorities, experiment, try and learn, depending on the goals I was assigned to. Together with the commercial team and sometimes the technical team, I worked in real industry projects. I had the chance to be responsible for various tasks which allowed me to touch on different aspects of marketing challenges. The Fizyr team members’ experience and knowledge in different areas of ​​expertise taught me a lot. Thanks to them, I have developed strong marketing skills as well as significant knowledge of the robotics and logistics industry.

Apart from work, my fellow colleagues made me feel at home. The journey at Fizyr was not only funny and exciting, but also multiculturally enriching. The international team would always share good vibes and great energy and be up for team activities such as kayaking in Dordrecht, cycling in Rotterdam, discovering tulip fields in Lisse or going for drinks at the beach club!

In a nutshell, this working experience has been a rewarding one. I am extremely grateful for the marketing hands-on approach in the automation sector and the strong connections I have built over a few short months. The company is growing very fast, and many opportunities are showing up!

I wish the best to this organization and its lovely people, who have a brilliant future ahead of them.”

What about you?

Manon is only one of the wonderful employees of Fizyr. If you want to make a difference in a high-tech, international, fast-growing company, check out our open positions in our Careers page.

Our jobs allow employees to grow personally and further develop themselves along with the growth of the company. And we know how to combine achieving our goals, while having lots of fun. From office lunch, to sports and trips, we have a strong connection between us even outside business hours. Join a world-class team today!

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