Fizyr shares deep learning expertise in the latest Robot Industry podcast

Fizyr tackles some of the biggest challenges in the dynamic logistics industry. They range from identifying random items, to segmenting them from bulk, to unloading trucks. Our computer-vision technology addresses those common challenges resulting from traditional operations. Fizyr’s modular product allows integrators to configure the best picking cell for their end-users and enables robots to successfully pick random items from bulk, for more reliable e-commerce fulfillment and parcel handling.

We share our experience and expertise in deep-learning vision software with Jim Beretta in his latest episode of The Robot Industry Podcast. In this episode, Herbert ten Have speaks about common challenges in the logistics industry, strategic partnership with one of our partners, AWL Techniek, pandemic spurring the growth of warehouse automation, and how Fizyr’s robust vision software drives industry growth.

Listen to the episode here

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Aidan smiling for the cameraMaking an impact at a leading AI scale-up - Internship experience
Herbert ten Have pointing at Fizyr's logoFizyr's unique value proposition shared in The New Warehouse Podcast

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