Fizyr’s experience at Parcel+Post Expo 2021

Parcel+Post expo 2021 was indeed a one-of-a-kind event, ensuring a safe networking environment for attendees. The visitors fully embraced this year’s theme of ‘Getting together again’ and took the opportunity to network face-to-face.

The event was also available in a Hybrid’ Live’ format, catering to those who did not get an opportunity to attend the exhibition in person. Overall, Parcel+Post 2021 thoroughly explored the latest industry trends and delivered a high-quality hybrid experience.

Fizyr had a fantastic opportunity of showcasing the vision software in action in conjunction with EuroSort’s Split Tray Sorter. End-users as well as both system and robotic integrators brought different parcels to challenge our product by projecting hurdles. However, everyone witnessed our cutting-edge software conquering them all.

Participating in such a well-organized event with engaging live demos, technical presentations, and networking opportunities, offered our company three very exciting days. Visitors were both curious and excited to participate in our demo and even sought expert consultation from Fizyr’s experts in the booth.

Technical consultant testing live Fizyr’s software capabilities during Parcel+Post expo.

On day two, our CEO Herbert ten Have presented insights on label detection and robotic induction of parcels through deep-learning computer-vision technology. Ten Have addressed the common issues with segmentation and classification of overlapping items in warehouses.

He also discussed how Fizyr’s software picking rate is as close as 100%, referring to parcels being successfully picked from bulk. Similarly, our software is also capable of detecting one box with tapes, instead of misidentifying it as six separate boxes, even in low-lighting conditions.

Fizyr’s experience at Parcel+Post Expo 2021

Herbert ten Have speaking about robotic parcel induction in Parcel+Post expo.

Being recognized for our exceptional presence and work, we made it in Parcel+Post’s news highlights during the exhibition. In a short recap article, we shared contemporary industry challenges and other latest developments in deep-learning technology. We are grateful to have significantly contributed to the most international event of the year for the parcel industry.

Parcel detection through deep learningFizyr’s CEO, Herbert ten Have, speaking at AI Tech Week: Entrepreneurship
Herbert ten Have holding parcelsStartUps for AI: Fizyr's contribution to the AI industry

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